We are Brexport. We are dedicated to helping international buyers find UK suppliers of quality products and services. To achieve this we have built a database of British exporters. We check and approve each exporter before adding their details to the database. We only accept genuine businesses that are registered in the UK and have a trading address and an online presence.

All exporters are categorised and classified according to their industry sector and the products/services they provide. It is super easy to browse or search for a particular product or service.  

Brexport is designed from the ground up to help international buyers find British exporters. We are also multilingual. All exporters’ details are translated into 10 major languages, and the site is available on all major search engines including Baidu, Sogou, and Yandex. All translations contain the same number of exporters, the same information, and the same media as the original English version. 

We also aim to provide UK SMEs with a much-needed exporters’ directory that is comprehensive, searchable, easy to find, multilingual, and designed with the needs of international buyers in mind. We provide accurate, useful, and timely information in the language of prospective buyers.

The UK has huge untapped export potential, backed by dynamic, innovative and reliable companies offering world-class products and services. We think that UK-sourced products can give any international business buyer or trading importer a competitive edge in their relative market.

We are free to use for buyers from around the world. British exporters pay us a small fee to cover translation and marketing costs.

We are a team of experienced individuals with a combined 90 years of experience in international trade in various industries dealing with international buyers and sellers in many countries.

We hope you find our website useful. 

If you are a UK company and want to add your business to the directory please click here