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10 good reasons you should join us

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Business Profile

professionally optimised business profile with keywords, key phrases, SEO title, and SEO description. If you don’t have a written business profile, we create one for you.


any media you submit to us (images, docs, video, etc) is optimised for search engines with file names, ALT text, and SEO descriptions. Images are compressed for fast loading

Google Submission

Your profile is submitted in English to Google and Bing search engines


Your business profile and media (description & ATL txt) are professionally translated into 10 languages: Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Korean,  Indonesian, Portuguese (Brasil), Russian, Spanish, and Turkish.

Global Search

Your multilingual business profile is submitted internationally to Google and Bing, and to other major search engines like Yandex and the Chinese Baidu and Sogou.

Global Reach

You get a compact website in 11 languages, reaching approximately 85% of online global  business users

Links and Channels

Your business profile links back to your main website and social channels, and can also be  easily shared between professionals

Easy Contact

Interested global buyers can contact you directly from within the listing or through your website or your social channels

Ongoing Promotion

Your business benefit from continuous, organic and paid promotion on a global scale

Reasonable fees

All this for £180 if you are a micro-business or £360/year for SMBs. Eligible businesses can claim 40-50% of the fees back from the UK International Fund for exporters.

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 English only reach

approx 25% of total internet users

11 languages reach

85% of global internet users: Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Korean,  Indonesian, Portuguese (Brasil), Russian, Spanish, Turkish, and of course English. Please note that the Arabic version is a work in progress.

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